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Bronco Sport Recall List

Every new vehicle a manufacturer makes can and will be plagued by problems of various sorts. The Bronco Sport is no different, as it has it's share of recalls. If you have watched any of our videos for any length of time, you will discover we have made some information videos about recalls. We may have missed some recalls, which is another reason why this  list is being created. Below will be a complete list from NEWEST to OLDEST and a details of what the recalls are about. If anymore recalls come up, they will be added and the numbers will be changed accordingly with the newest recall always being on the top of the list. The same will be done for the Bronco as well.

While Ford does try its best to contact every owner of each affected vehicles on their recall list, some do fall through the cracks. Owners concerned their vehicle may have a recall but never were notified by Ford should run their vin in a recall site (either on Ford or NHTSA) to see if anything shows up. We do this a lot because we own so many vehicles, we do not want to let them slip away into obscurity. Be your own advocate. It only takes a few minutes if that to find out if your vehicle has a recall.


Ford is recalling approximately 800 of the 2023 model year Bronco Sports for an ABS (anti-lock braking system) issue. According to Kelly Blue Book, there is a leak in the ABS system itself. This can cause inconsistent braking causing the driver to exert more pressure on the pedal at some times, but not all the times. However, Ford is saying the vehicle will still be able to stop. 

Ford also states, the ball bearing used to create a seal may  not be a perfect sphere, but may have been formed with a flat spot, thus causing the leaks. Dealerships are to replace the entire ABS module in order to fix it.


Ford sent out letters on February 17, 2023 to all the owners of the 2023 model, informing them of the safety issue. On February 15, 2023, Ford sent out letters to owners about the recall itself.  


For those of you not car savvy, an anti-lock braking system allows the driver to continue to steer the vehicle in an emergency situation, without losing control of the vehicle; it also prevents the wheels from locking up and skidding out of control as well.

Recall Date: January 22, 2023

NHTSA Campaign Number: 23V021000

Ford Recall Number: 23S01


Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.




2) Fuel Injector System:

Bronco Sports affected are ones with the 1.5L engines, model years are 2021 - 2023. Also affected by this recall is the Ford Escape, model years 2020 - 2023. The Escape is the platform vehicle for the Bronco Sport, meaning it shares a floor base, and the new model unibody is built off that. It is more cost effective for manufactures such as Ford to put the same engines in various models of vehicles. Over half a million vehicles will be recalled for this particular issue.

The recall is for the fuel injectors possibly becoming cracked and leaking fuel inside the engine/engine bay, and could possibly lead to a fire risk under the hood.


How a combustible engine works is the fuel and air is mixed and is pulled into the cylinder by the intake valve. The piston then goes upwards, compressing the air/fuel mixture. This creates a lot of heat. The spark plugs has its turn, and ignites the fuel mixture creating an explosion. As with any explosion (great or small), they create pressure, thus driving the pistons down. This process is repeated hundreds/thousands of times a minute (RPM - revolutions per minute). With each upward movement of the piston, it pushes out the exhaust fumes created by the burnt fuel mixture. The process is then repeated when the piston is pushed downward by another explosion.

Now Ford said they will be sending out letters on December 19, 2022 for those with these vehicles. However, it is always a possibility some may slip through the cracks, which is why we make our videos so you can spread the news to those who own these vehicles.

No fatalities have been reported as of yet; Ford has NOT issued a DO NOT DRIVE warning. There are 4 possible injuries in relation to this problem and 43 legal cases pending.

**NOTE: If your vehicle has/had been serviced for the engine oil housing recall - you will be receiving a letter for THIS recall. The engine oil housing recall does not cover fuel injectors. See the next recall listed for more information.

Recall Date: November 17, 2022

NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V859000

Ford Recall Number: 22S73

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.


3) Engine Oil Separator Housing:

345,000 Bronco Sports with the 1.5L engines, model years 2021 -2022, as well as Escapes with 1.5L engines, model years 2020 - 2022; are being recalled for their engine oil separator housing possibly developing a crack. 

During or prior to the assembly of the engine, the right side oil separator may have been damaged. This damage could cause a crack on the housing, potentially causing a leak between the oil separator housing and the engine camshaft cover. For those that are not car savvy, the camshaft is responsible for opening/closing the valves of the engine.

Ford advised owners of vehicles to pay attention to any burning oil smells coming from the vehicle. Oil is also a flammable product and a fire risk is always a possibility. Ford mailed out notifications on April 18, 2022.


Recall Date: March 24, 2022


NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V191000

Ford Recall Number: 22S21

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.


4) Hydraulic Rear Disc Braking System:

Approximately 115,000 Bronco Sport & Escapes (model years 2021 - 2022) will be recalled for the rear brake linings may have been incorrectly manufactured which can cause problems with braking.

The linings of the rear disc caliper have to be in a specific ratio or rating. The vehicles effected were below the ratio/ratings according to the NHTSA's findings. 

The federally regulated stopping distance for the 2021 Bronco Sport is 551 ft. (168 m.).

The NHTSA did conduct it's own test on the Sport and it found it took the 2021 Bronco Sport a lot longer of a distance to stop. In fact it took up to 79 additional feet to stop, making the total stopping distance 630 ft (192 m). The NHTSA was told by Ford it did a test on (I'm assuming an Escape since the Sport was not out yet but do not quote me on this) a vehicle in 2018, and it fell well within the regulations stopping at 492 ft (150 m.). Well, under the same conditions, Ford re-did the test, and found the vehicle stopped at 584 ft (178 m.) which is still 33 feet above what the federal regulations allowed.

So in short, the compromised lining of the rear brake calipers of these vehicles can cause the vehicles to not stop in short distances like they are supposed to do and can increase the chance of an accident occurring. This means if you were to stomp on the brake pedal, and the vehicle doesn't stop in a short enough distance, you could be a potential accident.

Not all of the Bronco Sports/Escapes are being recalled for this. It is only those that do not have a vacuum sensor in the booster. The vacuum sensor's job is to detect a malfunctioning booster and another module, the anti-lock braking system (ABS), will compensate for the booster's malfunction.

Ford notified customers of this issue on January 14, 2022 with Interim owner notification letters. This kind of letter states: "there's a recall on your vehicle but no fix for it as of yet, so this is more of an FYI..."

On August 17, 2022, Ford sent out letters to owners notifying them of the recall and there was now a remedy for it. This is not uncommon to get two letters. 

Recall Date: November 22, 2021


NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V922000

Ford Recall Number: 21C31

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.


5) Sunroof/Moonroof Assembly:


This recall probably affected the least number of Bronco Sports. About 1,000 or more  Sports have been recalled due to improper adhesion of the sun/moon roof glass panels. What this means is, if you have it opened or cracked and you are driving, the glue that is holding the glass panel in place may fail and your glass could detach from the vehicle, potentially causing an accident to others on the roadway.

It is believed the primer used for the glue to attach the glass to the roof, didn't properly cure, therefore causing a weak bond between the glass and the metal roof panel.


Build dates affected range between April 27, 2021 - May 25, 2021 at Ford's Hermosillo Assembly Plant.

Ford sent letters out on November 18, 2021.

Recall Date: October 14, 2021


NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V809000

Ford Recall Number: 21S46

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.



6) Fuel Pump & Control Module Bracket:

This section is going to cover 2 recalls. The first being the Fuel Pump Recall. The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank of all vehicles. It's primary job is to pump the fuel into the fuel lines to the engine. The pump is also a pressure unit because it needs pressure in order to "pump" the fuel into the lines. Ford stated the pump could potentially leak in the fuel tank, thus causing lack of pressure, and that could cause the engine to stall out while its running or not even turn on. 

The fuel tube is said to be narrower than specifications allowed. Meaning, the walls of the tube are thin. In the transportation business, EVERYTHING has a ratio limit of specifications for safety. If something exceeds or is under the ratio, it's in need of repair/replacement. 

Recall date (for Fuel Pump Line): August 9, 2021

NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V625000

Ford Recall Number: 21S38

Ford sent out Interim notification letters on September 30, 2021. This letter was to advise owners of a problem, but Ford did not have a solution at the time. Another letter was sent out on December 14, 2021 letting owners know a remedy has been found for the recall.

Build dates affected: May 21, 2021 - July 20, 2021; approximately 11,000 vehicles all from the Ford's Hermosillo Assembly Plant.




The second recall is the Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) Bracket. The bracket may not be secured well enough to the side of the tank, and may cause the FPCM to fall into the tank, therefore causing the engine to stall out or not start. If the engine stalls, there could potentially be a crash risk.

The fuel pump control module is what controls the fuel pump. It tells the pump how much fuel to send and when to send it and at what pressure it needs to be to send it. It's the brains of the pump.


This recall affected the 2022 model year of the Sport. Affected build dates are August 10th & 11th of 2022 with only 26 vehicles affected. 

Ford sent out notifications on December 5, 2022 to the affected owners.

Recall Date: Not provided

NHTSA Campaign Number: Not Provided

Ford Recall Number: 22S66

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.


Fuel Pump:  

Fuel Pump Bracket: 

7) Rear Suspension:

Ford recalled 1,666 2021 Model Year Sports because of a loose rear suspension module problem. The modules in the rear suspension of the Sport may not have been properly secured and could come loose from the rear subframe. Should the module come loose, it could cause the vehicle to become unstable and potentially wreck. It is also mentioned in the article that there may have been some bolts missing on some of the vehicles and loosened modules on others.

Build dates affected are between July 22, 2020 - November 24, 2020. Ford sent out letters on March 10, 2021 to inform the owners about the problem.

Recall Date: February 15, 2021

NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V075000

Ford Recall Number: 21S04

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.



8) Front Control Arms:

2021 Model year Sports may have been fitted with the incorrect front lower control arms. Why is this an issue? It increases the chance of the vehicle to roll over in an accident, and it can cause the vehicle to be less stable in normal driving. Approximately 106 vehicles built on December 9, 2020 are affected in this recall. 

What does the lower control arm do? The lower control arm is connected to the wheel via ball joint. The two arms of the "A" are connected to the subframe of the vehicle. They are often referred to as "Lower A - Arms" in the car world. 

Ford sent out letters on April 9, 2021 letting them know of the problem their vehicle may have.

Recall Date: February 15, 2021

NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V074000

Ford Recall Number: 21S03

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.


9) Drive Shaft:

This recall affects the rear of the Bronco Sport, more importantly, the driveshaft. The driveshaft of any vehicle is the long rod that goes into the differential or pumpkin at the rear of the SUV. The recall states there may not be sufficient lubrication and may cause the rear axles to seize, causing a potential crash. 

How does a driveshaft work? Well, as I had stated before, the driveshaft itself is the long tube that connects to the differential. Its job is to take the power from the engine to the rear wheels to propel the vehicle forward. I will put a link of a more in-depth explanation of how it works.

Ford sent out notifications on March 12, 2021 letting customers know to get their vehicles checked out.

Recall Date: January 14, 2021

NHTSA Campaign Number: 21V011000

Ford Recall Number: 21S02

Ford Customer Service Number: 1-866-436-7332. Call this number or your local dealer if you have questions.


How a driveshaft works:


Ford Customer Service: 1-866-436-7332

NHTSA Toll Free: 1-888-327-4236

NHTSA TTY: 1-800-424-9153

NHTSA Website:

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