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Forscan is a Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool used by automotive professionals to clear trouble codes not able to be cleared with the controls on the steering wheel or in the infotainment system itself.


This device scans the very “brains” of the vehicle and opens up systems 99% of the customers do not have access too. So USE WITH CAUTION. If you DO NOT think you can handle getting into the cars most intricate systems - DO NOT PROCEED.


This being said we are NOT LIABLE for ANY the followings:


*Misuse of Forscan of any type.
*Malicious use of Forscan of any type.
*Mistyped / Miskeyed / Wrong Data Input by user (new or professional).
*Misclicks on the computer when changing data.
*Not creating REPETITIVE System Restore Points.
*Incorrect use of the device that plugs into the vehicle and/or the computer software.
*We are NOT responsible for any computer problems of your vehicle or the device you use to change the vehicle(s) data.
*Any fault codes the vehicle may throw later on.
*Any warranty/warranties being voided by using Forscan (when in doubt DO NOT DO IT).


The information we have provided here and on our videos is STRICTLY FOR INFORMATION ONLY. USE FORSCAN ON YOUR VEHICLE AT YOUR OWN RISK! We can’t stress this enough.

Changing the number located were the * is located to the number listed will enable or disable that goat mode.

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